Naomi Striemer - "God's Only Son"
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Naomi Striemer - "God's Only Son"

This download of Naomi's Christmas song, "God's Only Son", is our free holiday gift to you.

If you would like Naomi's full album, "Christmas", purchase it here.

About Naomi

Called ‘The Melodic Debut of the Year’, and hailed as the ‘Diva of the Decade’, Naomi Striemer was praised by Billboard Magazine in the same categories as the top vocalists of our time. She was quickly rising in the secular music industry, but one conversation changed it all...

Naomi in Concert

Naomi tours the world with gifted story-telling, sharing her testimony, and powerfully crafted, spiritually uplifting music.

Naomi’s highly sought after program is often used as a powerful witnessing tool for churches. Naomi speaks on topics such as: “Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life”, “Our Plan versus God’s Plan”, “How the World Entices You”, and “Experiencing Major Highs and Lows”.

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