Go Healthy for Good! : Eat Your Way to Health
$ 24.95

Go Healthy for Good is a television program on health and wellness, with information on how to live a better, more wholistic life.

This 4-DVD set shows you how to eat healthy - for good!

Disc 1
Adventist Health Study researcher Dr. Nicco Rizzo discusses the best diet to prevent Metabolic Syndrome and how to make it tasty!

Disc 2
Dr. Neil Nedley shares how nutrition can substantially alter mood and brain function--foods that heal and foods that harm.

Disc 3
While a whole-food, plant-based diet is good, there is a risk of a couple of nutrient deficiencies. Find out what they are and how to obtain them.

Disc 4
Discover the dietary pattern consumed by different cultures for millennia. In the 21st century, it is leading the way for sustainability.