Ancient Discoveries - The Complete Set
Ancient Discoveries - The Complete Set Ancient Discoveries - The Complete Set
$ 59.95

Join Pastor Mark Finley on a journey through Scripture and discover how past events reveal the future.

Episode 1: The Exploding Middle East, an Ancient King’s Dream, and the Future
Episode 2: Jesus, Jerusalem, and Startling End-time Predictions
Episode 3: The Child Born in the Middle East Who Will Change the World
Episode 4: Good God! Bad World! Why?
Episode 5: All Eyes on the Temple: Will Jerusalem’s Temple be Rebuilt?
Episode 6: The Roman Empire, the United States, and a Crumbling Society
Episode 7: The Fatal Attraction of the Cults
Episode 8: Hope Beyond Tomorrow
Episode 9: The Rumble of a Crumbling World: A Message of Hope for Our Time
Episode 10: The Almost Forgotten Day: An Ancient Relic from Eden Gives Hope for Our Day
Episode 11: When Paganism and Christianity Shake Hands
Episode 12: Revelation’s Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues
Episode 13: How to Bury the Past: The Secret of a Whole New Life
Episode 14: Satan’s Final Deception: The Mystery of Death Revealed
Episode 15: Why So Many Denominations?
Episode 16: The Mark of the Beast and the Mysterious Number 666
Episode 17: People of Destiny
Episode 18: The Mystery of Spiritual Babylon Revealed
Episode 19: Revelation's Glorious Climax